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Even with the general shift to more soft copy e-documents and presentations in our daily lives, there is still a need to be able to print documents reliably. Over time printers have evolved to meet the shifting needs of the home office or small business customer. Today most printers are multi-functional devices that print, fax, copy, scan and communicate via wireless networks. With the sophistication and complexity of network printers moving from the office to the home, the number of technical issues that customer’s face has dramatically increased.

At Micro Software Squad we have a seasoned team of technical support experts dedicated to troubleshooting and repairing a vast array of printer problems.Our certified printer technicians are constantly trained on the newest devices and advances in technology. We have experience working with the newest photo quality printers and the oldest monochromatic printers. Whether inkjet or laser, there are very few printers we have not serviced. capabilities.

Our Printer Technical Support is provided through a dedicated tech support phone number (). We are available 365 days to address any printer connectivity or performance problem you might be facing. We offer quick and effective solutions to your printer issues. Our printer technical support phone number can be reached at ().

Some of the more frequent printer issues that our certified techs resolve include:

  • Printer installation and setup.
  • Printer connectivity issues.
  • Setup network printers with PC’s and other devices.
  • OS (Operating System) compatibility issues with Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Updating printer drivers to the latest versions.
  • Cartridge replacement.
  • Resolving paper jam issues.
  • Plug and play issues.
  • Effective printer support for image ghosting
  • Resolving common display errors such as 50.4 and 79
  • Text formatting and paper sizing for A4 and A5.
  • Repairing corrupt drivers.
  • Printing blank pages.
  • Scanner not working.
  • Scanner unable to scan large images.
  • Unable to scan colored text.
  • Unable to Fax documents.

Problems with printers range in complexity, but most issues can be resolved ly by our dedicated tech support team. If we are unable to resolve your issue we won’t charge you a penny.

For service you can reach us 365 Days at ( ) or you can email our Printer tech team If you email us, our agents will reply back quickly to begin resolving your printer issue immediately using email and chat communication.

Why us?

At Micro Software Squad we are well aware of all of the choices the customer has in getting their printer serviced. However we think it is critically important for the customer to engage a repair firm with experienced, trained and certified printer repair specialists. That in nutshell is Micro Software Squad .

We offer:

  • 365 days availability, call us anytime.
  • A team of trained and certified professionals .
  • Use of the latest diagnostic tools and repair techniques.
  • Affordable guaranteed repairs.
  • User friendly subscription plans.
  • Troubleshooting and repair (no need to haul your printer to a repair shop).